Meetings and Minutes

Each year, the Associations hold a joint Annual Member meeting where community members elect their Executive Board representatives, and are updated on the happenings of the community as well as the budget and dues for the subsequent year.  Community members are also allowed to ask questions and raise concerns related to the community.

The Executive Board of Directors, which represent the homeowners in the community, meet on a quarterly basis to discuss community developments and the needs of the Associations.  

 All meetings are open to the public and property owners are welcome to attend.

Members of the Executive Boards meet as needed to conduct the ongoing operations of the Association and on an annual basis the Associations hold the annual member meeting to present the annual budget and dues to the members and update the community on the happenings of the Associations.  Minutes of both Executive Board and Annual Member meetings are published to the website once approved at the subsequent meeting and can be viewed using the links below.